WordPress LaTeX Issues

This is just a brief notice. There appears to be a new problem with WordPress.com displaying LaTeX maths equations. The issue appears to be sporadic, with some of the formulas on both old and new posts now showing “Formula does not parse”. It is affecting other blogs hosted on WordPress too. Thanks to Timothy Gowers on twitter for pointing this out.
The WordPress team are looking into it. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Update: This issue has now been fixed.

For now, the following method can be used to display the equations using MathJax instead. Click here, then drag the displayed link to the address bar of your browser. Then click on it while viewing any page on this blog, and all formulas will be displayed with MathJax. Magic!

Some tests follow. At the time of writing, some of the following formulas show an error:
Test: {X^n\xrightarrow{\rm ucp}X}.

Another test: {X^n\xrightarrow{\rm ucp}X}

Yet another test: {X^n\rightarrow X}

And another: {X^n X}

And another: X^n X

And another: {[S]_\infty}

yet more: {[S]_\infty}

and more: [S]_\infty

and more: [S]

more: S_\infty

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